January 2, 2014
Scott’s Bar-B-Que In Exile Tour in Full Swing!


Rodney Scott of Scott’s Bar-B-Que, Hemingway, SC

Read on to find out more about the Scott’s Bar-B-Que in Exile tour and how you can meet up with Rodney, eat and help him rebuild his famed Hemingway, SC pits that burned the day before Thanksgiving. 

Here are the dates for the full tour: Make sure to check back here to find out more information on each stop. 

Rodney in Exile BBQ Tour: Fatback Grand Trail

December 22, 2013: Charleston, SC—John Haire at Nick’s Bar-B-Q

January 20, 2014: Atlanta, GA – Angie Mosier and Kevin Gillespie at Gunshow

January 23, 2014: Nashville, TN – Sean Brock and Patrick Martin at Husk Nashville

January 27, 2014: Oxford, MS – John Currence, Nick Reppond, and John T Edge at Lamar Lounge

January 29, 2014: New Orleans, LA – Donald Link, Ryan Prewitt, and Stephen Stryjewski at Cochon

February 1, 2014: Birmingham, AL – Nicholas Pihakis and Drew Robinson at Jim N Nick’s Bar-B-Q

February 4, 2014: Charleston, SC – Sean Brock and Sam Jones of Skylight Inn BBQ will conclude the tour in Rodney’s home state at No. 5 Faber Street

For more information or to schedule an interview contact:

Melany Mullens at melany@polishedpigmedia.com 540.314.8089

Michelle Charak at michelle@polishedpigmedia.com 917.463.3833

Here are some photos from the 1st leg of the tour in Charleston, SC

On December 22, 2013, Rodney Scott and John Haire of Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q served up Scott’s whole hog, barbecue sandwiches right on King Street in Charleston, SC. The weather was an unusually warm 80 degrees for the Sunday before Christmas and the line stretched a city block the entire afternoon. The “Scott’s Bar-B-Que In Exile Tour” was in full swing and folks waited eagerly for up to an hour to pick up a sandwich from the famed pitmaster. The wait might have been long but the music was good and the entertainment of watching Rodney, Steve Green of Conway, SC, and Chef and fellow Fatback Collective member, Sean Brock flip, mop and pull pork was a great way to spend the afternoon. image

Rodney mops on the sauce!


Rodney and Steve Green of Conway, SC flip one of the hogs.


Rodney, Steve and Chef Sean Brock pull pork.


John Haire of Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q manages the scene on King Street


Sean Brock of McCrady’s, Husk and Husk Nashville


The pork!


Scott’s Whole Hog Sandwiches

imageScott’s Skins and Sauce

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